Chang2 Studios: Photography & Design

Chang² Studios: Photography & Design

Rich and LeeAnn Chang

Rich and Leeann, a husband and wife team based out of Chicago, Illinois.

Rich took photography back in high school, when they actually used film and manual focus! Equipment has improved quite a bit since then. Although the temptation of new technology is hard to resist, many of the lessons have proved useful; composition, lighting, and color choice add to the overall quality of a photograph. He is the tech guy who loves to research and learn the newest and best equipment options. Leeann went to design school and worked at a few photo labs and companies. This only made her desire more photography. She has a knack for seeing the beautiful and unique shots that others don't.

We offer all kinds of photography including weddings, baby portraits, and families sessions. We also provide design services, such as albums, canvases, and brag books.